Beyond the Mundane

Beyond the Mundane 1 – Into Nonsense

You cannot transcend an obstacle with the very tool that created it.

Step out of the mundane consciousness without external stimuli and become aware of the great mystery. We sometimes get trapped in the field of ignorance and becomes a pattern, and its not just individuals its the whole society trapped in that. And we don’t need to live like that and nobody wants to live like that… yet we keep doing that. So we must take drastic measures to have a paradigm shift.

Beyond the Mundane 2 – Craving & Aversion

The mind only exists in these to modes, craving and aversion. When we get circumstance that is averse, its a difficult day and when it gets what it craves it gives pleasure feedback. Beyond the mind though, beyond these modes, what occurs then is an experience of calm, an experience of a unified field.